It’s blazer season, ya’ll!

If you haven’t noticed, you may be seeing more blazers being worn in all kinds of different settings.

Blazers are being worn with leggings and sweatshirts, jeans and a graphic tee, and, of course, with your typical workday wear. So here at Broker Leather, we actually have a couple of blazer options for you!

The blazer that we are featuring today is the Cassandra Faux Leather Blazer. This blazer has a form-fitting cut with ruched sleeves. The color and leather texture of this blazer adds some edginess and easily elevate any outfit. I am wearing a size small in this blazer and would say that it is very roomy on me. If I could have sized down, I would have for a more fitted look.

So, to be super trendy, I tried this blazer with a pair of olive green cargo pants. I am all for trying new fashion trends, and cargo pants were the trend this time. I chose a fitted style bodysuit since the cargo pants and blazer have a looser fit. I added a turquoise necklace, a cream-colored hat to match the blazer, a belt to help break up the outfit, and the Corral Geraldine Ankle Boots. I wanted to demonstrate in this outfit that this blazer can be worn with colored pants, especially in more of a professional environment.

The next look is for those running errand days. Blazers could be worn as your “coat” for the day. This is a perfect example of that. Pairing the blazer with some wide-leg jeans and a hooded sweatshirt makes for a very comfortable and casual outfit. You look dressy and put together by adding the blazer overtop, but the booties on the bottom, or you could even do sneakers, giving you the level of casualness you are looking for. “Casualness.” Is that even a word? I’m going to go with a yes because autocorrect didn’t flag it.

Our last and final look is with the beautiful Edgewood Satin Midi Skirt. I added some complimenting tooled leather heels, a denim button-up shirt, and a simple faux Navajo pearl necklace. The blazer on top gives it the sophistication this outfit needs.

So, when you’re looking at the blazers this season, just remember that they can be worn for more than just work!

As always, thanks for reading another style blog by Brooke :)

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