Favorite Gifts for Moms, Teachers, & Nurses

Rumor has it, we missed last week's appreciation week for moms, teachers, and nurses.

I guess I didn't make a huge deal out of this "one week" because I like to think I appreciate these unsung heroes every week!  I am not a patient person, so I am always applauding these wonderful humans who take on more overlooked responsibilities than most!

So whenever the time feels right and necessary [any day of the year], please let me help you take the guesswork out of what to gift the special lady.

I'm recommending the following gift ideas from experience. I truly believe she will enjoy and appreciate any of these Broker Leather goods.


1. A custom trucker hat bar experience. Let them design their own unique-to-them hat to wear all summer long.

Encourage her to take a Saturday to herself and head uptown to set her creativity on fire with Broker's brand new custom trucker hat bar.  She can choose her color of hat and her style of patches, and we'll happily press it together for her!  You can totally come as a group or send her on her own with a gift card to complete her purchase! :)

 2. A Sterling Silver & Authentic Turquoise planter for organizing the home, office, or classroom.

If I lovingly received a gift like this, I would ditch the pinecones and plant succulents in it instead.  I envision a teacher beautifully displaying her most commonly used items such as scissors, whiteboard markers, and notepads, while I would guess a nurse could use it as a stethoscope and pen holder on their desk.

3. A durable leather bag, purse, or organizer for all occasions and everyday use.

Padron me, but why do some professionals go so frugally on their daily-use items such as bags, wallets, and organizers?  I don't see anything wrong with investing in and using a quality organizer that you absolutely love.  We have a large variety of sizes, but this style photographed features plenty of pockets to keep cards, receipts, checkbooks, and other supplies organized, orderly, and in their place.

4. Timeless Western Jewelry Pieces: Turquoise and Navajo Pearls.

Western women of all ages accentuate any style of outfit with classic and timeless Navajo Pearls.  We offer authentic and faux to match each price point.  Obviously, turquoise needs no explanation.

5. Pop-on Red Aspen Nail Dashes for a customizable mani that can be applied in minutes at a fraction of the salon's cost.

Women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE switching out their nail color for a new and special occasion.  A different nail is as powerful as an entirely new outfit, but one-size-fits-all.

6. Custom candle scents & names that are perfectly unique for the small-town, rural, farm-wife, cowgirl.

We're honored to have a local Waukon educator, Crystal Corwin, of West Ridge Candle Co. creating these gifts specifically for our store.  Each of our 6 custom fragrances [Stall Shavings, Hay Field, Roughie Vs. Timey, Rodeo Queen, & Porch Swing Angel] are clean, phthalate-free, and paraben-free. 


7. A gift card enclosed in a leather coin purse to use at her favorite store will never disappoint.

Giving a gift card ensures that someone special will get exactly the gift they want without the hassle for you. Give them their gift of choice.

Our gift cards have no processing fees or expiration dates.


8. Refillable leather air fresheners for use in vehicles, classrooms, offices, closets, etc.

Chances are she's always on the move, so make sure her chariot of choice smells better than the barn.  Choose from several styles of refillable leather air freshener and then choose from 5 different scents to spritz them as often as needed.

***TEACHERS, NURSES, & MOMS: I'd love for you to drop a comment and mention a meaningful gift or two that you've received to help keep the ideas flowing!***

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