Endless Ways To Style The Raven

Shorts with a whole lot of class and a little bit of sass.

The Raven Faux Leather Shorts are so chic that they are sure to elevate any outfit you go to put on. They are structured shorts and run true to size with no stretch in the waist. They are made with a great quality fabric, making them easy to move in throughout the day. So here are some guides on what to wear with these shorts.

Tank Tops & Heels

While it's hot out, let's utilize those cute little tank tops you might have around. Pairing these shorts with a cute, basic tank or a flirty bodysuit is a very classic and clean look. These shorts are our neutral color, so you can add any color of tank top. For a monochromatic look, I chose a tank top that was just a shade or two off from the color of the shorts.

For more of a contrast, I chose a black bodysuit. Both options look very sweet and sophisticated. Adding some dainty jewelry will keep it elevated, whereas adding bigger fashion jewelry will make it a little more edgy. Either look paired with a heel makes for a very stylish and dressy outfit that can be worn for a more formal feeling occasion.

Sweaters & Boots

A waist-length or cropped sweater makes for another great way to wear these shorts because they do have a higher rise in the waist. Adding a chunky sweater and boots adds dimension to the outfit while still staying balanced from head to toe. I chose a black sweater for a dressier look, a colored sweater for a transition in seasons look, and a simple neutral sweater for a casual look. All of these outfits are worn with dressy boots. What's great is you can pair any height of boot with these shorts. A tall boot with tights for the fall and winter months would be so fun! A short boot keeps things more feminine, in my opinion, if that is more your style. Adding accessories to this option, I think, is what really makes these outfits different. For example, the chunky silver and black concho belt added some drama and glam to the black sweater. Whereas the wild rag wrapped within my brown leather belt with the green sweater keeps things casual and carefree. The simplicity of no belt is great, too, for a super laid-back feel. 


Layering pieces with these shorts is another direction you can go. Adding a blazer, jacket, kimono, cardigan, or simple button-up shirt changes the tone of each ensemble. A blazer can be worn for more of a work-appropriate setting, and adding tights underneath would elevate it even more. Adding a moto-style jacket brings some edge to the outfit, making it ideal for friendly get-togethers. Adding a button-up, kimono, or cardigan to the shorts softens the look. Sneakers, sandals, or boots can be worn with any of the above options.


Whether it's a graphic tee or a solid tee, these shorts will go with it. I loved the look of the graphic tee with a chunky statement necklace and the edgy silver Chelsea boots. For a more work-related outfit, pairing a graphic tee with a blazer overtop adds some sophistication. For those casual days, a solid tee, whether it's fitted or boxy, will pair perfectly with these shorts. Adding some simple jewelry and some sneakers or sandals would make it fit any occasion.

I have had a pair of black faux leather shorts that I have worn on repeat for a few years now, and I have always gotten so many compliments on them. When I saw these brown ones, I knew I wanted them. There was no hesitation because I am sure that I will get just as much use out of them, and I hope you all can too.

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