Contour & Coffee | Seint Makeup Demo Event | Sat., March 2, 2024

Please join us in-store on

Saturday, March 2, 2024, from Noon to 3 pm

for a SEINT Makeup Demonstration.

Do you want to learn how to speed up your makeup routine so you have time to stop for a coffee before work?

How about learn how to simplify your makeup supply?

Join Brianne & Staff and Niki Palas, a friend of Brianne's from Monona, to learn more about quick and easy SEINT makeup.  Niki has used the completely customizable cream-based SEINT products for 5+ years and Brianne has had her supply for a few months now [& is LOVING it!!!]
Niki & Brianne will be in-house giving a FUN makeup demo for all attendees to watch, learn, and ask questions in person without an aggressive sales pitch following. [TRUST US- our parties are always stress-free here at Broker Leather!]
SEINT is a cream-based makeup that is customizable to you! Complete with Highlight, Contour, Bronzer, Lip & Cheek, and many extras, this is the all-in-one compact makeup you have been looking for! Each item is sold individually so you can customize it to your needs. The bonus is when you’re running low on one item; you can restock without having to buy an entire pallet! The pallets are magnetized, so your individual tins fit perfectly in them. Pallets are available for purchase, and you can also earn credit towards a pallet with your purchase of makeup. Niki will custom color match your skin tone to the right Highlight shades so you can get the best coverage. SEINT makeup is for all ages and all skin types. The company is based in Utah and ships everywhere in the US and Canada. Extras include Illuminators (cream and powder), Eyeshadows (cream and powder), Setting Powder, Brushes, and more!

To learn more from Niki, visit her private Facebook group here: SEINT Beauty-with Niki.

We'll video Niki's makeup demo on Facebook Live and post it on our FB Page for those who cannot attend in-store.

All adults who join us in-store for this SEINT Beauty demonstration will be registered to WIN a $20 Aztec Parlor Coffee Gift Card!

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