Broker Leather's Namesake

I am embarrassed to admit this. We are nearly 7 years into business.  And apparently, during all this time, I've always just assumed people knew where our name came from.

When I was in the planning stages of opening my boot boutique in the summer of 2017, I thought of naming the store Embrie Jule's which is a combination of my two daughter's middle names [Ryggen Embrie & Paysen Jule.]  My husband had a great point of, "Won't it be weird if we eventually sell the business and it's named after our kids?"  So I chose the next best namesake on the farm, our American Paint Horse gelding, Broker.

Broker is our 1,000+ pound babysitter of a horse. As you can see by all of these photographs and the countless videos you'll see on Instagram & Facebook stories, he's one-of-a-kind. Exactly like this boutique. He was a fluke purchase I made off Facebook. He is the most patient horse I've come across in my life; his only bad habit is he won't stand for being tied. I couldn't turn him down once I saw "Broker's Paycheck" on his registration papers since my husband's and first-born daughter's names both contain "PAY". He got into a brawl with a hay bale one winter and lost an eye in the long run, but he's still the same ol' boy.

It’s easy to see why our gentle giant Broker, is the perfect namesake for my 3rd baby, Broker Leather. He truly loves the girls as much as we do.  He is the best cowgirl babysitter.  Although he's basically become a pasture pet and rarely gets ridden, just thinking of Broker's calm and patient disposition, and seeing his pictures around the storefront reminds us that he's still a major inspiration behind the brand.

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