Add a Luxurious Feel To Your Casual Closet Staples

Want to add some drama to your closet? Grab the Edgewood Satin Skirt to add a luxurious feel to your casual closet staples.

The satin material can be paired with a variety of items like chunky sweaters, leather jackets, or boots, as well as your graphic tees and sneakers. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk quickly about this skirt. It features an elastic waistband, making it very comfortable to wear all day. It is a mid-length skirt with a slit on the side, so it is perfect to showcase all your fun fall boots. The rich color of this copper skirt makes it a versatile item to add to your closet as an added bonus.

Ready for some outfit ideas?

Let’s start casual and work our way up. I love graphic tees with a satin skirt. It elevates the outfit so much and contrasts the silky material, giving the outfit some dimension. I chose a graphic tee that had complementary colors in the design to go with the skirt. I added a three-strand western necklace and some matching bracelets to add another layer of texture to this outfit. I chose my Liberty Black Denim boots to keep this outfit casual from head to toe. This could easily be a workday outfit that is so cute but also very comfortable.

For this next outfit, I chose a loose-fit sweater to go with the skirt. I chose a lime-colored sweater to add color to this outfit. I paired a chunky turquoise beaded necklace, a gold chain belt, and the Corral Geraldine Boots. The chunky sweater and necklace play very nicely with the texture of the skirt. This outfit is great for your weekend celebrations or services you may be attending.

Our last outfit idea was with a denim pearl snap shirt. I love how the skirt and belt took this top to a whole different level. It is so simple but so pretty. This is where we let the skirt have its moment and be the star of the show. I finished the outfit off with some tooled leather heels and a simple faux Navajo pearl necklace. To make this outfit even dressier, I added a blazer over top. This would be great if you work in a more corporate setting.

These skirts really are so fun to style and can be worn all year round. So let the fun begin, and grab your own now. 

Thanks for reading, ~Brooke

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