A Whimsical, Upgraded Brown Bootie

Our Corral Geraldine Ankle Boot is your upgraded brown bootie.

They are as pretty as the name sounds. This boot has a little bit of shimmer and shine with some bronze coloring and a small pop of turquoise accents.

If you’re looking for a dressier version of your solid brown boot for work, this is a great option. The sequin detailing adds a whimsical look, while the pop of color brings some elegance. They make for a fun shoe without trying to be too much of a rockstar boot. I paired them with some olive green cargo pants, a solid brown bodysuit, and a blazer. I chose a turquoise necklace and a cream-colored felt hat.

The next look is more of a formal look. I paired the boots with a solid satin skirt that complimented the boots perfectly. Sequins and satin just go hand in hand, in my opinion. I wore a bright-colored sweater and some fun accessories to help tie in the boots. For a sleeker look, choose a solid-colored dress or a similar-colored top and bottom to create a monochromatic look. By doing one of these options, it will showcase more of the boot.

Our last outfit for today is an easy-to-go outfit. I chose a pair of dark wash ankle jeans, a dark teal top to match the boots, and layered on a burnt orange colored jacket. I chose a copper-colored necklace to finish the look, which helped balance the outfit. This outfit is my personal fave and is how you would see me wearing them the most.

Thanks for tuning in once again!  ~Brooke

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