Whales Genuine Leather & Kingman Bracelet

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Out in the old west, the cowboys and girls lived to ride.

They rode their horses every day from sun up to sundown. Spending that many hours working in stirrups they had to have quality boots on their feet and steady reins in their hands.  Slowing down with age, though, seems to be inevitable in this crazy thing called life.  If you've had to let go of the reins due to age, time constraints, or literally any other reason, pick up one of these classic bracelets, instead.

This Whales Genuine Leather & Kingman Bracelet is an embodiment of the old west. It is strong and structured, timeless and classic.  As functional as a split pair of rains, this bracelet will never go out of style.  

  • Single genuine leather band reclaimed from split reins.
  • Authentic Kingman Turquoise stones.
  • Proudly Made in Wisconsin, USA.
  • One size fits most.
  • Leather measures approx. 9.25" from tip to tip.
  • When closed, diameter measures approx. 2.25".