Washeeta Tooled leather Keychain
Washeeta Tooled leather Keychain

Washeeta Tooled leather Keychain

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Washeeta. Good luck pronouncing that.

A whinny at the gate is promised to come from Washeeta when you bring a pail of oats. Come hell or high water, she wouldn't miss a meal, and as the boss in any pasture, she also makes sure everyone else gets to the feeder. Her buckskin-painted coat is what reminded me of this little keychain. The bright yellow sunflower is nothing short of the sassy detail that Washeeta throws in her foals [every single one has been smart as a whip]. Not to mention that she is a spitfire - and so are her foals, so what better way to match your keys with an extra punch. Grab your car keys for your next dinner date with the herd because, let's be honest, we don't miss meals around here either.

  • Measures Approx. 3" W x 4" T
  • Genuine leather

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