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Pink Lloyd Sunglasses
Pink Lloyd Sunglasses
Pink Lloyd Sunglasses

Pink Lloyd Sunglasses

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Blenders Eyewear is available IN STORE ONLY.

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These shades don’t need a pop culture reference to make them pop—look at ‘em. They take our reliable, premium spring-loaded hinge engineering and mate it with a wildly vivacious shock of pink power that’ll have you crushing hearts. And when we say “pink,” we mean it—these go all-in with their hot pink lenses and frames that are full-blown bubble gum in the front and a contrasted, clear gloss in the back. They’re just as bold and effervescent as you. In other words, they’re pretty perfect.

➴ Citrus Hot Pink Frame
➶ Hot Pink Lenses 
➴ Maximum Comfortability
➶ Spring Loaded Hinges
➴ Microfiber Pouch Included