Peanut Sweater

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You and this sweater go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This name is two-fold. First things first my Nana calls me Peanut, so I was feeling nostalgic. Secondly, when I unboxed these the camel color reminded me of peanut butter. Fun fact about that, I am allergic to nuts but it was a delayed reaction in my life. I didn't figure it out until I was in high school, so I still crave peanut butter to this day [extra crunchy by the spoonful to be specific.] 

Anyway... This sweater is so warm and soft that you will be more than happy to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. It's roomy and forgiving and would pair exceptionally well with your stretchiest denim. I hope you think of me when you eat that candy corn and peanut mix. 

xoxo, Marley

  • Herd Sizing Suggestion: Runs true to size, but it styled to be "oversized."
  • Marley is in a Small.


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