Corral Red Old Habits Boots E1318

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"Only dead fish go with the flow." 

When I was a little hellion, I was notorious for my response to the question, "Marley Kate, what are you doin'?" Without fail, I would answer, "Don't you worry about me, Dad [Mom, Nana, etc]." I have always been someone that chooses to do what I want to do, no one can change my mind after I set it. I don't care if someone thinks my shirt is out of style, or I weigh a little too much, or a little too little. It is what it is. That carried over into my style, seeing all these new lines and styles of boots makes my heart skip, and there are so many that I LOVE. These red beauties are at the top of my list currently. They might be a little off from the mainstream, but that's alright because I'm very much living, and I will be going the opposite way of the flow, and I will be doing so in these red boots. All are welcome to join me in this upstream battle!

  • The Herd's Sizing Suggestion: Wear true to size.  For example, Brianne normally wears a size 7.5 so she chose a 7.5 in this style.  
  • Corral Style E1318 
  • The shaft is approx. 15" tall.
  • Calf circumference is approx. 14". 
  • Heel height is approx. 3".
  • Red With Ivory Stitching.
  • Pointed Toe.
  • Pull-On With Ankle Zip Closure.
  • The shaft is approx. 15" tall.