Flicka Adjustable Concho Belt Leopard Print & Turquoise Stones

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I do believe [according to the movie] that the word flicka means "young and beautiful."

Well, this Flicka Adjustable Concho Belt should do the trick, I recommend adding it to all your outfits. 
I personally love this concho belt and added one to my personal closet because of the incredible adjustability.  I love that I can wear it down on my hips with low-rise jeans [of course my hips are much bigger than most!]  But then I can also wear it and cinch it around my smaller waist over a dress.  Being able to wear it on these two different parts of my body is something I couldn't ever do with any other belts I owned.
  • Approx. total length S/M: 42"
  • Fits Waist Size: 30" - 36"
  • VERY ADJUSTABLE- Conchos can be removed and put back on in-between each beltloop, or it can be worn over top.
  • Material: Zinc, Brass, Rhodium plated, PU Leather