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Eudora Keychain
Eudora Keychain
Eudora Keychain

Eudora Keychain

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Never lose your golf cart keys again with this longhorn keychain. As I prepare my donation item for my mom's uncle Dave's [my great uncle] Friends of David Barnes Memorial Golf Tournament, I can't help but think about all the generous people in my life. Uncle Dave was a great role model when it came to owning a business and he was even better at showing others that kindness is key. I know it can be hard sometimes to put others before ourselves, but when we do it makes others want to do the same. So head into the clubhouse, and pay for another golfer's first round, buy someone a beer, or donate some cash to the tournament you're playing in. Unfortunately, I won't be present to participate in Uncle Dave's Tournament but I will find a way to "pay it forward."


 Leather measures approx. 3" tall & 4" at the widest. 


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