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Dark Alley Saloon Boot
Dark Alley Saloon Boot
Dark Alley Saloon Boot
Dark Alley Saloon Boot
Dark Alley Saloon Boot
Dark Alley Saloon Boot

Dark Alley Saloon Boot

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After a long day’s ride, tie your horse to the hitching rail and head around the corner into the dark alley. The place you'll stumble upon is a hole in the wall, off the beaten path sort of nook. Where cigar smoke hangs in the air, and the whiskey is poured neat for the cowboys that can pay for it. A poker game is dealt at a table full of wealthy travelers while a young woman plays the piano in the corner, as you take a seat at the bar you will feel like Pistol Annie in these Corral square toes. Well, you would if this was the wild west.  Use your imagination and let these boots take you where you need to go- just make sure the dark alley isn't too dark.


 Corral Style R1345 
➶ Distressed brown with black embroidery.
➴ Square Toe.
➶ Pull-on.
➴ Antique bronze bullet accents.


 Sizing Info 
➴ Size down 1/2 size from "normal."  [These run a bit big + will stretch with wear.]
➴ Shaft height is approx. 13.5" tall.
➶ Heel height is approx. 1.375" tall.
➴ Calf circumference is approx. 16". 


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Broker Leather is delighted to offer a selection of the leading fashion cowboy boot brand, Corral.  No two Corral boots are the same; each is its own piece of art.  Our employees and customers stand tall in our handcrafted, supreme quality Corral boots that perfectly reflect our unique personalities.


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