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Cryin' Out Loud Boot
Cryin' Out Loud Boot
Cryin' Out Loud Boot
Cryin' Out Loud Boot
Cryin' Out Loud Boot
Cryin' Out Loud Boot
Cryin' Out Loud Boot

Cryin' Out Loud Boot

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Lately, there's been a lot of Cryin' Out Loud and heartache going around our community. [And I'm positive in other communities too.]  Sometimes the loss of young adults, teenagers, and babies really makes us question our faith and ask too many "whys?"   Why did God have to take a child from a loving family who had her whole life ahead of her?  What is His reasoning for putting these families through unimaginable suffering?  Although I'm not personally well-versed on the Bible, I have the belief that God only chooses the best to become is angels.  Today I'll take some time to study each of the Miss Macie boots I have available in the store, and read each of the scriptures that are engraved on the soles.  Maybe, just maybe, I will find a more clear answer to all of the "whys" I'm feeling right now.


 Miss Macie Style U2021-01 
 Metallic Silver with Scrolling Detail.
Round Toe.

Engraved with Scripture: Romans 8:28 * And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


 Sizing Info 
  Wear true to size [these will stretch with wear.]
 Contact us to special order another size.
 Shaft height is approx. 6.5" tall.
Heel height is approx. 3" tall.
 Ankle circumference is approx. 12". 


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Broker Leather is flattered to be recognized by the exclusive Miss Macie brand offering handcrafted boots in a country style with a bohemian edge.   The name Miss Macie was chosen for the owner of the company’s grandmother. Each pair of Miss Macie boots comes with a strand of pearls as a symbol of her once-prized possession.  The scripture imprinted on the bottom of each boot is meant to be a personal blessing to everyone that purchases Miss Macie and a way of encouragement for each owner to “Walk Into Their Purpose.”