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Corral Rooster Rave Boots
Corral Rooster Rave Boots

Corral Rooster Rave Boots

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These genuine Python kicks are dedicated to a gal pal of ours. Cassie is the lady behind the bones at Wanderlust Skulls, and she happens to have a pup named Rooster. We knew these black and white snakeskin booties would call to her, and maybe Rooster too. We started thinking about Cassie and realized that she would love Chicken Fest [a local festival of sorts that is held in secret, filled with music & smoke, and can only be found by way of rubber chickens along the highway]. Expect we are upping the ante, we are now creating a Rooster Rave complete with John Wayne vibes, Willie in the speakers, and all other things of self-proclaimed badassery. Expect your invitation in 5-7 business days.


 Corral Style A3791 

  Sizing Info
➴ Wear 1/2 size smaller than "normal" [these run big and will stretch].
➶ Contact me to special order another size.
➴ The shaft is approx. 7.5" tall.
➶ Ankle circumference is approx. 11.5". 
➴ Heel height is approx. 3.25".

➶ Genuine Python patterns, colors, and textures may vary per pair.


 Your order may not come in the original box because we take pride in recycling & doing our part to take care of the environment.  We will utilize the smallest box possible to allow for priority shipping.