Collector Keychain

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Stuffed animals? Coins? Stamps? Tractors? Frog figurines? Boots? Keychains?

This morning I was able to catch up with one of my long-time girlfriends, and we laughed/cussed about our kiddos feeling the need to load up their entire collections of ”treasures” to take along to daycare and school every morning. By the end of the week, there’s so much sh!t left in my car that didn't get brought back in I'm just at my wit's end.
I'm going to use my new pretty keychain as a daily reminder to breathe, and let it go.  [And make them clean the car on Saturday morning before we do any fun family activities!]
  • Keychain measures approx. 9.5" end to end.
  • Genuine leather will vary slightly in pattern, texture, and color.

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