Cody Concho Bracelet

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You are the only person setting yourself back.

One phone call, one email, or to go old-fashioned- one letter, that can help you reach your dreams and ambitions. You have the world right at your hands, why not take it? Stop letting fear get in the way of you making a better life for yourself. “Anything is possible if you just believe.” All you have to do is try. There are two ways that it is going to go, (1) you fail/they say no, or (2) you will succeed. Either way, it goes, the situation will make you stronger. You may not always be classy, but the Cody Concho Bracelet is here to help you “Fake it till you make it.”

  • Silver Colored Concho Style Bracelet. 
  • One Size Fits Most stretchy bracelet.
  • *Please note that all Jewelry is FINAL SALE for hygiene reasons.*