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Cassie Moccs
Cassie Moccs
Cassie Moccs

Cassie Moccs

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Have to get the kiddos ready for school? Crap- we’re already 10 minutes late.  Pack everyone up to head to the grocery store? How can we run out of milk this fast? Am I picking the girls up from dance or gymnastics tonight? What day of the week is it?  [Are you kidding me, the only place I’m going is taking these pistols to Nana and Grandpa’s for a BREAK!].

These little Minnetonka moccs were made for the quick out and about adventures. They are easy to slip on and super comfy and cozy! Let the little ones feel the pride of putting their own shoes on [no “momma help me” necessary].  Oh, and by the way, we have them for Momma too, so you'll be ready to go just as fast as those little rugrats.


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Broker Leather is thrilled to carry quality merchandise from Minnetonka. Their large selection of various styles meets our wide range of tastes here at the boutique. The unique company has the talent to produce items for a casual Hippie Sunday, business meetings throughout the week, and a wild and western Friday night on the town. We are so happy to bring their family-owned company to our showroom.


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