Carrie Charcoal Grey Moto Booties

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How can people be so rude?

As much as I love being around people, sometimes I can't stand it. People can be so inconsiderate and downright rude. Like, who are you to tell me how to raise my kids, judge me because of the car I drive, or look down at me because of the family I come from. If you are going to judge anything, please judge the boots on my feet and not what you heard about me from Jerry down at the tavern.


  • Herd Sizing Suggestion: Wear True to Size.
  • Paige typically wears a size 9, she would purchase a size 9. 
  • Distressed Charcoal Black.
  • Heel height is approx. 2" tall.
  • 5" shaft.
  • Round toe.