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Artemis Sandal [Tan Rustic]
Artemis Sandal [Tan Rustic]
Artemis Sandal [Tan Rustic]
Artemis Sandal [Tan Rustic]
Artemis Sandal [Tan Rustic]

Artemis Sandal [Tan Rustic]

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Dust off those textbooks and reach for your memory. Artemis is a Greek Goddess, almighty and powerful she is the daughter of Zeus [King of the Gods]. Her twin brother is Apollo, anyone following me? Anyhow, these gorgeous summer sandals are perfect for those powerful women out there, in a variety of colors these will go with every outfit you can imagine - from a Greek robe to jean shorts and a western tank. The zipper up the back and straps from ankle to toe will make sure these gladiator sandals exceed all of your goddess expectations. 


 ➶ Bed|Stu Style F373025 ➴


 Sizing Info
➴ Size up 1/2 size or wear true to size.


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