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Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur.

My mom planted the seeds of this boutique in my heart when I was a little girl. I wonder if she ever imagined this is what those thoughts would turn into.

If you shop in-store or follow our social media stories, you'll find that my children are very involved in this little boutique alongside me.

I come from humble beginnings, so I'm pretty proud of the blood, sweat, and tears I've put into this business over the past 5.5 years.

Customer Service Reps

Grace is our OG at our Waukon store, working full-time, raising a beautiful babe, Josie, who you'll see on our stories often, and planning a wedding to marry her high school sweetheart. If she's not at Broker she's probably still working on the farm [but loving it.]

Matteson is our newest full-time addition. Even though you'll never notice it in her flawless hair, she's our favorite little river rat who is on the boat any chance she gets. Matteson is an an Ag Finance Major who loves her dog, Elly, slightly more than tequila.

Guest Blog Writer

Dreams of making my "With mid[WESTERN] Flair Blog" a resource for positivity and inspiration are coming true, thanks to our guest writer, Brooke Mathis. Like me, Brooke is also a wife and a mother, but unlike me, she's also a Childhood teacher, and a girl who loves all things clothing. 

It's No One-Woman-Show Around Here

I'll never try to take all of the credit for this small business' success. I am beyond blessed to have the greatest HERD of ready and willing to rep Broker Leather at the drop of the hat.

Sam, Gracelyn, and Dakota can also be found with a smile behind the counter [outside of their normal school and work hours.]

Keep following us on social media, because I have countless enjoyable and gorgeous friends in front of the camera on photoshoot days.

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