Our Story & Our Herd

Since opening in 2017, the Broker Leather Herd is here to offer you quality boots and leather goods that are unique and trendy, well-made, and functional. We proudly demonstrate the Midwestern values of loyalty and hard work. We provide elite customer service while encouraging our daughters, friends, sisters, and customers to live by our motto:
"Only Look Down To Admire Your Boots."
Broker Leather is located centrally downtown in the scenic, small farming community of Decorah, Iowa. We look forward to you joining our Herd and we can't wait to graze with you.

➶ Broker Leather was named after our horse, Broker. ➴
 Broker is our 1,000+ pound babysitter of a horse.  Obviously, he's one-of-a-kind.  Exactly like this boutique. He was a fluke purchase I made off Facebook.  He is the most patient horse I've come across in my life; his only bad habit is he won't stand for being tied. I couldn't turn him down once I saw "Broker's Paycheck" on his registration papers since my husband's and daughter's names both contain "PAY". He got into a brawl with a hay bale last winter and lost an eye in the long run, but he's still the same ol' boy.
➴ Meet Me.  I'm Brianne, the dreamer behind Broker Leather. ➶   
 Since long before I was crowned Allamakee County Fair Queen in 2003, I dreamed of running a boutique to provide locally a selection of durable and fashionable boots.  I come from a blended family and have two dads, two moms, two brothers, and two sisters.  My brothers, sisters, and I have all been raised by our parents to be very independent individuals.  Our parents have set strong examples for us, proving that, with hard work, we can accomplish our dreams.  It is my goal to match you with your perfect pair.  If there is something you have your heart set on, but don't see it here, please message me.  I will demonstrate the Midwestern values of loyalty and hard work, and provide elite customer service to make YOUR dreams come true, too! 

➶ Meet My Family. ➴
 My husband, Payne Christian, makes my dream come true with his behind-the-scenes dedication.  He's my complete opposite and is the only one who has been able to embrace my chaos.  I come from a blended family.  My brothers, sisters, and I have been raised to be very independent individuals. Both mine and Payne's parents have set strong examples for us, proving that, with hard work, we can accomplish our dreams.  With Broker Leather, we hope to do the same for our girls, Paysen Jule, and Ryggen Embrie.

 Meet My Herd. ➴ 

 Marley is the tallest gal in our bunch; she is living her life in boots and buttercream. Although dessert is near and dear to her heart, so are boots. She grew up on horseback checking cattle and trail riding, along with time well spent in the show ring with her market cattle. She isn’t afraid to get dirt on her boots, but she sure loves her glitter, and it is hard to find someone that can dull her sparkle. She believes it is essential to be kind, be respectful, and most of all be happy. 

➶ Kenzie is the gal in our tribe that helps give the store a “small town, homegrown” feel.  Growing up farming in the beef community, Kenzie knows everyone and their grandmother, so to speak. She might strike up a conversation about show cattle, calving season, or the boots on her feet. Although she isn’t the best at picking just one item that’s her favorite, she will be more than willing to help find the product that your heart desires.


Paige is the latest addition to the Herd. If you don't catch her in sweat pants you will catch her in denim. She’s a big fan of coffee but if there isn’t one in her hand, there's a Mountain Dew on the way. She likes to eat healthy and save her pennies until someone mentions Mexican - chips and salsa are soul food worth sharing. Not to mention that our girl believes that having a backpack instead of a purse will change your outlook on life.



➶ Rachel is the pure talent behind Rachel Reilly Photography. The images you see from Broker Leather are captured by Rachel, a fellow boot lover who grew up on horseback. Her work with us gals is a just tiny bit of her photography business. Her niche is actually Professional Equine Photography, although she is also a fantastic and experienced choice for weddings, senior sessions, family photos, and so much more [both with and without horses!] You can find more of her work and book a session of your own on her website,  https://www.rachelreillyphotography.com.
We cannot wait to meet you! We have been making memories in our boots for our whole lives and we would love to help you do the same! Come join the Broker Leather Herd and find your perfect fit!